Windsor Star 2002/01/25 Editorial
"A Deserving Hero"

Six years ago, it was clear to nearly everyone that Scott Anderson was a hero. Anderson saved the life of a 22-year-old Windsor man whose truck was stopped on a railway crossing just outside Belle River.

The crossing gates had come down, the lights were flashing and Anderson used his mom's car to push the truck and driver to safety. However anderson's vehicle stalled and he was barely able to escape before his car was struck by a train.

Anderson's heroic tale, however, didn't resonate with his insurer, Zurich. His insurance was cancelled after the crash because Anderson was deemed to be at fault. As as result of that ruling anderson's annual premiums went up to almost $5,000 when he found another insurance company.

Now after six years, Justice Carl Zalev has confirmed that Anderson, now 25, did the right thing six years ago and should be commended -- not blamed. Zalev ordered Zurich to pay $4,000 to cover the cost of the totalled 1982 Monte Carlo, towing and other associated costs.

"He (Anderson) acted instinctively and/or courageously," Zalev wrote in this ruling. "He was not negligent in doing what he did. His method of rescue was not unreasonable."

Still Anderson's lawyer, Ken Golish, said he's been informed Zurich will appeal the ruling. Zurich won't comment, but it would seem appropriate to drop the case and finally give Scott Anderson the credit he deserves.

Plaintiffs' Trial Memorandum in Anderson v. Zurich

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