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Why You Might Want a Lawyer 
In order for an individual to obtain certain benefits under the Immigration Act, a US-admitted attorney may be essential for the following reasons, to:
  1. Advise the client whether any benefits are available and analyse and recommend the most appropriate visa or status category to the client.
  2. Review, prepare and compile the proper application forms and documents.
  3. Make representations as necessary and provide proper advocacy in what may essentially be a contentious dispute between the client and the INS, State Department or consulate.
Many cases may not be that simple.  The stakes may be high and an individual will need sound and straight-forward advice.


I am a US-admitted attorney with several years experience in immigration and nationality law. Please note that my practice in this area is now limited generally to criminal related problems.

My office location, less than three minutes away from the Detroit-Windsor Tunnel, allows me to be available for representation of clients right at the border. 

As in all other matters, I provide clients with sound and honest advice when representing them in US immigration matters.  They can rely on a resourceful advocate on their side every step of the way. 
Types of Representations 

Acting for Canadians, Americans and other nationals 

  • Representation of persons excluded from the United States; 
  • Seizures of vehicles and other property;
  • Applications for waiver of excludable grounds for entry to the United States;
  • Assistance and representation in border-crossing situations

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